Art, Architecture, and Design

Hadiprana’s award-winning practice has quietly built a reputation for its artistic and elegant spaces. For more than five decades, Hadiprana has built on an ethos of work, passion, and an elegant sensibility, all of which are reflected in the firm’s creative projects. Today, the practice has expertise in architecture, interiors, special lighting, landscape, and artwork, as well as developing its own brands, such as Hadiprana Accent furniture.

Senior Architect Himawan Sutanto, who has worked at Hadiprana for 12 years, is the architect for Nivata Residences, their project for Ciputra Beach Resort in Tabanan on Bali’s west coast.

For Himawan, one of the most important features of the residences is that “they have to have a connection to nature…so residents can feel the extension of their living room into the nature. That’s the idea of having a villa in Bali actually, to have more connection with nature.”

Principal Designer Afwina Kamal describes the challenge of creating residences in Bali, as opposed to holiday villas. “Because in residences people have to be able to live adequately, but there has to be a sense of a villa, so that’s a challenge for us.” Himawan adds: “As these will be people’s homes, more storage space is required than for a typical holiday villa. Yet there still needs to be a sense that this is a holiday home.”

“Our idea was actually to incorporate the landscape into our design,” says Afwina. “Sometimes the landscape comes after the design of the residences…then the landscape is just filled into the leftover space. We didn’t want to do that in this project. We wanted the architect and the landscaper to be able to work together right from the start. Because the idea is that the first step is to introduce the nature because this is the first value that comes to us. There are padi fields and also the ocean, the nature is very good. So landscaping is our number one priority in this project. When you first arrive in the complex, you don’t enter a building but you enter the landscape.”

“[We had to convince them that] a foyer is not always an enclosed space,” says Himawan. “So, introducing this design when you enter, the foyer is the landscape.”

Nature is clearly a strong point of the development, as are the elements of artwork and craftsmanship evidenced by such features as the lattice façade of each residence. Afwina explains: “We want to be able to always introduce a ‘wow’ factor into our design, not only in the space but also in the craftsmanship…those are the two things that differentiate us from others.”

For this reason, the Hadiprana team has a particular appreciation of how the Ciputra team values art. “This is what makes Ciputra different from other developers…we are grateful that we working with Ciputra because they are very considerate about the artworks and also the designs. Not every developer appreciates the space; they just want to sell as much space as possible. Ciputra have the ability to balance between the design and the selling and marketing, that’s the thing that we are learning from them.”

“Actually in terms of design, it’s not that difficult to convince them,” adds Himawan. “They give very good feedback, comprehensive and at the right time, and then we can come up with alternatives or solutions. It’s a controllable process and it’s not hard to convince them. The hard thing is about documenting…technical aspects, how it is built. They have high standards, which is good.”

Another important shared value is related to customer experience. Himawan explains that “when we create something we enhance it so that every time the owner comes, they get energised, they get inspired. That’s our goal.”

Ciputra Beach Resort